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Updating files on itunes and troubleshooting

If the computer is wired in, disable the Wi Fi connection.If you are receiving an error that is not listed here, or you are not comfortable performing the recommended troubleshooting steps, please reach out to our Customer Care team for further assistance.If prompted, follow the steps to get your Sonos system up to date.When the Sonos app reopens, try accessing the Manage menu again.Sonos sorts and categorizes your music tracks based on how they’re tagged with metadata.A track’s metadata specifies organizational labels for the song, like its Title, Artist name, Album name, and so on.On a Mac or PC, open the Sonos app and select Manage Some of the options in my Manage or Settings menu are grayed out or missing. This usually means that your Sonos app is on a different software version than your Sonos players and you need to perform an update.Using the Sonos app for PC, select Manage Check for Updates.

You can update your music library using either the Sonos app on your computer or the Sonos app on your mobile device.

If no updates are available, you may be using the Sonos software on an operating system that is no longer supported.

You can check our System Requirements article to see if your current device or operating system is supported by Sonos.

Please go through the Common Issues and Solutions before proceeding to the remaining sections.

If the computer or NAS drive is powered off or asleep, Sonos will not be able to reach your music files and you’ll see an error message that Sonos is unable to connect to the music share.

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