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as they say in , 'back to the mattresses,' and back to the idea that we will not ever forget what happened to us.”This year, after revelations of Weinstein’s serial sex abuse emerged, the Simon Wiesenthal Center balked at pressure to remove Weinstein from its roster of honorees.

To extract private information from Weinstein’s accusers, Black Cube deployed an expert in velvet glove methods of subterfuge.

In 2015, the Simon Wiesenthal Center bestowed Weinstein with its “Humanitarian Award.” Introduced at the organization’s annual gala as “a nice Jewish boy” by Jeffrey Katzenberg, a fellow film producer and prolific Democratic Party donor, Weinstein launched into a tirade against the forces he believed were arrayed against the Jewish world.

First, Weinstein expressed panic over an article published in the by journalist and former Israeli prison guard Jeffrey Goldberg entitled, “Is it time for the Jews to leave Europe?

Privacy and exclusivity are two key ingredients inachieving romantic intimacy.

Secondly, putting themselves on a TV show to be exploited is cheap and narcissistic.

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