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They swim endless laps of the pool built originally to accommodate human guests and are offered up as a dubious form of 'therapy' to 'cure' sick children.

The Dolphinarium promises that children suffering from a range of illnesses - from autism to delayed development and even cancer - benefit from swimming with the creatures in their underground aquatic prison.

Thanks, Mike From *********@to Me: yeah I just need one how much do you want for it From Me to ********* I am asking for the roll of carpet.

It sounds like you also need some cleaning supplies.

You are smart to get rid of the old blood-stained carpet, but you still will need my cleaning supplies.

A small blood stain on the top of the rug is usually a much larger stain underneath the rug, and you can't simply put a new rug on top of it.

Mike From *********@to Me: my only problem is that i need this carpet and you are trying to sell me cleaning stuff From Me to ********* Look, you don't have to fool me. It is pretty clear that you killed someone and need to get rid of them.

I've been there, man...whether it is a friend who overdosed on drugs, or a dead hooker, it is important that you clean everything up.

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