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John bytheway dating

Example: Michael presents his Italian passport (matching what the airline shared) at Brazilian immigration and enters visa-free.

Step 6: Check in at Airport for Return Flight Home Authority: Airline Passport to Show: The One that Allows You to Return to Your Home Country Regardless of what passport you used to enter your destination country, it’s time to show the one that allows you to be in your home country – since that’s where you are going.

You were either born there or you entered with some sort of permission.

With all that aside, decide where you want to travel to .

Example: Michael has both US and Italian citizenship and resides in the USA. Brazil requires a complicated visa for US citizens, but no such visa for Italians. Step 2: Book a Ticket Authority: Airline Passport to Show: The One You’ll Use at Your Destination Often when you book a plane ticket to an international destination the airline will ask you for your passport details.

If you have two different passports, you should provide the details of the passport you plan to enter the country you are visiting with.

If you show them a Chinese passport that’s obviously just as good.

I will walk you through each step that would require presentation of passport.

If anything is still unclear, please ask me in the comments.

Step 1: Starting Point You most likely you have some sort of permission to live and work in the country you reside .

The reason the airline asks for passport details is in order to determine if you are allowed to go where you are going.

If you are American booking a ticket to China it’s the airline’s responsibility to make sure you have a valid visa – otherwise they risk a huge fine.

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Step 4: Departing Immigration Authority: Government Immigration Department Passport to Show: The One That Allows You to Be Where You Currently Are In most countries you need to clear exit immigration before departing the country. Typically before you get to your gate, you have to present your passport and boarding card to some sort of immigration authority.

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