Internnational internet dating stories

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Internnational internet dating stories

One time I memorized a whole Hebrew pop song just to impress this Israeli guy," he said to me with eyes the size of my grandma's matzoh balls.

It's probably a mix of naïveté and the way infatuation clouds clarity, but throughout our now two-year relationship, race hasn't been an issue for us.It was only after this that I saw him as a doctor who watched Fox News a lot and not as the cool, hip dad he came off as initially.I can't say I'm sure it was just a race thing.Love their noses too." I quickly chugged the rest of my beer so the date could be over.I am Asian-American, and my college (and post-college) boyfriend was (and still is, I guess) half black and half white.

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He felt so bad that he said he would pay for a hotel.

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