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The balance is normally made from an alloy called "glucydur". This material considerably reduces the influence of temperature.The residual temperature error is compensated by the Nivarox spring.A very thin coating of a suitable translucent material is used to make glass anti-reflective.This coating is generally vapor deposited onto the glass in a vacuum.

The average amplitude values of most watch movements made today are between 250° and 300°. DIAPAL Technology deals with this problem at the root, by dispensing with the need for oil altogether.Mechanical watches react to magnetic fields primarily due to the fact that they contain temperature-compensating hairsprings (see Nivarox).At Sinn, we offer additional magnetic field protection in some watches.Colorless anti-reflective coatings are used, created using a precision-controlled coating technique, to ensure that the dials show their true color.According to DIN, watches which do not stop when exposed to a magnetic field (see magnetism) and the accuracy of which does not exceed specified limits when exposed to a magnetic field may be described as antimagnetic.

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The split balance wheel creates the two balance "wings".

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