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Dating pro nov 2016

Reports claim that the Touch Bar hasn’t been as popular with creatives as Apple hoped, and that by offering a lower-priced non-Touch Bar model Apple will see increased sales.

When they launched in October 2016 the new range of Mac Book Pro models ran on Intel’s Skylake processors, the processor microarchitecture that first launched in August 2015 as a successor to Broadwell.

Back in October 2016 Apple analyst Kuo had suggested that the Mac Book Pro could adopt Intel’s Cannonlake processors, or should that not appear in time, Intel’s Coffee Lake processors (although that would limit the models to 16GB RAM).

However, it appears that the usually accurate analyst had his chips somewhat muddled, as there are apparently no plans to design Mac Book Pro-class Cannonlake chips, and Coffee Lake is not scheduled until 2018.

Further evidence that a Mac Book Pro update could be in the pipeline greets you if you attempt to buy a model from Apple’s online store.

The availability of the Mac Book Pro has slipped to 6-8 June for the entry-level non-Touch Bar model and the top-of-the-range 13in model, and 8-10 June for both 15in Touch Bar models.

However, at that time he referenced Cannonlake processors, in February 2017 he published a new note claiming that the new Mac Book Pro models will feature Kaby Lake processors and that the 13in and 15in versions of the Mac Book Pro will see an update towards the end of 2017, with mass production of these models beginning in the third quarter of 2017.

However, those hoping for a 32GB RAM update to the 15in Mac Book Pro model in 2017 may be disappointed.

There is a 2015 model of the 15-inch Mac Book Pro still available and there are expectations that this model will be upgraded so that Apple can offer a non-Touch Bar version of the Mac Book Pro with updated specs.Dell’s Precision 5520 laptop includes Kaby Lake chips and is directly comparable to the Mac Book Pro.There’s another possibility, Apple could move away from Intel chips and look at what’s on offer from AMD.Competing professional laptops coming from Dell and HP will offer newer Kaby Lake Intel processors, including the Dell Precision 5520, which is available now.For business people looking for a stylish laptop this may not matter, but for creatives looking for a new Mac a move away from Apple may start to look attractive if Apple makes them wait too long.

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The most expensive Mac Book Pro now costs £2,699/$2,799.

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