Cloudette online dating

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Cloudette online dating

Months later, in December, Gianluca arrives back in London and, although he doesn't appear on-screen, Gianluca asks Johnny to go traveling with him.Johnny agrees and contacts his university and is given permission to go on a gap year. Two days later, on Christmas Day, Johnny makes a video call via Skype to Linda to wish her a happy Christmas - this was Strike's final appearance in East Enders.The New Year saw Nancy, Johnny's sister, return to the family.Clearly delighted by this, little did Johnny know that his secret of being gay was about to be revealed.Telling him that he would love him no matter if he was gay or not Johnny broke down in tears revealing the truth about his sexuality.Little did Johnny know that his mother had overheard the entire conversation... And if the situation was not already uncomfortable enough, Tina and Auntie Shirl made it their priority to rock the boat with Linda all the more.Linda mentions that Johnny was over the moon with the birth of his little brother and couldn't stop screaming.Johnny is mentioned on the day of Linda and Mick's wedding (1 January 2016), Linda says Johnny can't make it because he is ill.

When Johnny was four, Johnny tripped and hit his head off a iron coffee table that Mick had found a skip.

Mick then tells Linda to fully accept his sexuality or risk losing him forever.

Whitney tells Johnny that he needs to get a boyfriend so that everyone can accept it and move on with their lives, As a result of this Nancy and Whitney sign Johnny up for internet dating.

In early 2015, when Lee and Nancy and Amelia discover that Linda was raped, the family decide against telling Johnny about Dean's wrongdoing, as they wouldn't want to upset him on his travels.

Johnny is mentioned again in May, following Linda giving birth to Ollie Carter.

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Johnny is a good kid on the brink of becoming the man he wants to be…

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