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This was a bit more challenging because, although not a big eater, I do like to graze all day long.

It was also the day for colon cleansing, the day not to venture far away from the bathroom.

Although one can’t eat during the day before the colposcopy, it is important to remain hydrated, so I drank plenty of apple juice and water.

The day of the colonoscopy, my wife, Penny, and I drove to NVRH where I checked in at day surgery. Larsen came in, chatted with me a bit, then off I went on a stretcher to a procedure room.

I think I dozed back off, but when I came to I remember asking if it was done, and when they answered in the affirmative, I said something like, “that’s it”.When I turned 50 almost a year ago, I tried to reason away my own colonoscopy, but Harold’s words kept coming back to me. Robert Wood – my medical God, reminded me it was time. For that matter, I’m a bit of a chicken when it comes to medical procedures.If I’d been born a woman I’d probably never had children to avoid the discomfort of childbirth.I know for a fact many people who’d been putting off their colonoscopies suddenly scheduled them after learning of his story.Although Harold passed away on December 11, 2003, I have never forgotten his mission, and I knew once I turned 50 I’d follow his advice and get a colonoscopy.

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Honestly, I couldn’t believe I’d fretted about undergoing the procedure for years.

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