Boundaries in dating by henry cloud

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Boundaries in dating by henry cloud

And while it’s fair to say that these men (and women) who at best take advantage and at its worst abuse us are at fault, what we have to realise is that as we are 100% responsible for ourselves, we have our part in in it too.

Every day I read stories in my email, read the comments, Facebook, and even general stories via my friends, acquaintances, and of course the media, and I feel deeply saddened that there are many women who are like how I have been, believing they have no options, or their option is someone who treats them ‘less than’.

To be fair, it’s not like I had great examples in my childhood, but that aside, I didn’t believe a normal, healthy guy who acts with love, care, trust, and respect, would want to be with – I was kinda prepared for it!It’s better to stretch yourself and get uncomfortable so that you do justice by yourself, rather than staying in a comfort zone where you experience limited love, joy, and happiness.Have you considered other options other than the one where you stay, for example, with an assclown or Mr Unavailable?That fear of being abandoned, when it was realised, painful as it was it felt familiar.When they weren’t leaving, I started acting up, and then I could convince myself they’d leave anyway.

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