Arc error while updating

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Arc error while updating

Spotter's node, Spotters country, DX Country's regular prefix, DX Country name, spotter and DX stations CQ/ITU zones, grid squares, states/provinces. To use a TNC see TNC Setup Information Set to allow both a Logging Program via local telnet and a Contest Program on comm 1 @ 9600 baud Can be used as a "front end" for various logging programs. Will auto reconnect to the node if the connection drops.With the setup shown, the program is waiting for incoming connections from logging programs on port 7300.

If you don't have the auto reconnect enabled you will have to manually connect by pressing the "Connect" button at the top of the screen. The displays shown are using the new AR17 format with different bands set to different colors.Using web maps powered by Hosted Feature Services you can rapidly deploy field collection schemas to the field for use with Collector for Arc GIS.You can publish map layers directly from Arc Map that have awesome templates with great forms that include pick lists just the way you modeled them in the geodatabase.But no matter how much of a GIS rock star you are, you won’t get that schema 100% right the first time. Well did you know that you can update the schema without having to republish? You can add a domain value, remove a template, update the alias for a field.So what do you do when you miss a domain value, template or you misspell a field alias? Here is a document that shows you How to Update Hosted Feature Service Schemas.

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